Local scale mapping of net primary production in tropical rain forest using MODIS satellite data

Abd Wahid Rasib, Ab. Latif Ibrahim, A.P. Cracknell and Mohd Azahari Faidi

Abstract: Satellite data from Moderate Resolution Imaging Radiometer (MODIS) is currently being used to extract net primary production (NPP) at global scale. Over the years, small scale on-ground flux tower measurements using the eddy covariance method have been used to validate the global MODIS NPP at a number of test sites. Nevertheless, in anticipation of local scale NPP, MODIS satellite data is inadequately attempted to map NPP at plot size particularly in tropical rain forest region. This is due to the low spatial resolution (250m to 1000m) of MODIS satellite data and the variability of NPP with locations. Thus, in this study, MODIS satellite data is used to map local scale NPP for Pasoh Forest Reserve in Malaysia. Micrometeorological approach based on Monteith’s equation is used to map NPP from MODIS satellite data for three years (2004, 2005 and 2006). The result shows that the pattern of NPP concentration is slightly decrease from 2004 to 2006. NPP estimated using MODIS satellite data for Pasoh Forest Reserve are in the range from 412.29 to 710.36 gCm2 y-1, 392.16 to 684.96 gCm2 y-1 and 411.19 to 631.65 gCm2 y-1 for year 2004, 2005 and 2006, respectively. These indicate that MODIS satellite data is appropriate to map local scale NPP of tropical rain forest.

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