I am a senior lecturer at the School of Computing, with a PhD. in Computer Science, specializing in artificial intelligence techniques for analyzing complex data. My research interest is in designing machine learning algorithms for large data analysis, in which I have published in major tiers of journals and conferences. I believe in solving computing problems in industries and public societies. Therefore, I am also holding a position as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at my spin-off company, Synapse Innovation Sdn. Bhd., which I co-founded in 2019. Currently, the company focuses on commercializing my research to the industries, majorly in manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture.

My academic portfolio is focused on the conceptual and practical of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in data analytics. In university, I am involved in teaching topics for undergraduate studies related to theoretical artificial intelligence, applied machine learning, massive data analysis, and big data analytics. At the graduate level, I am supervising Master and Philosophy Doctorate students in the fields of nature-inspired machine learning and swarm optimization methods.

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