Tamadun India (50)

Sati in the Modern times
In general, before this custom was outlawed in 1829, there were a few hundred officially recorded incidences each year.
The efforts of Raja Rammohan Roy and other Hindu reformers greatly impacted the movement to outlaw this practice.
Even after the custom was outlawed, this custom did not vanish completely. It took few decades before this custom almost vanished
In 1987 an eighteen years old widow, Roop Kanwar, committed Sati in a village of Rajasthan
The ‘Sati’ version is that Roop told her father-in-law she wanted to commit Sati.
Roop was forced to commit Sati.
The case went to court, but no one was charged with her murder.
Even in the year 2000, you hear about Sati occurring in rural villages.