SKAA1012 – Civil Engineering Fundamentals

This course is only offered in the 1st Semester every year to all new undergraduate students at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The lectures are delivered by prominent and experienced faculty members in their respective field of specialisation. The course includes a general introduction to the field of civil engineering and the engineer’s responsibilities to society. The main subfields in the discipline such as Structural Engineering, Transportation, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics and Hydrology and Environmental Engineering are highlighted.
Students are given problem solving exercises that apply fundamental concepts from these subfields. The course assignments integrate the steps of analysis, synthesis and evaluation through individual homework assignments and group projects through competition in selected civil engineering fields that require attention to a broad range of issues. The course also exposes the students to issues related to the engineering practice such as working in teams, scheduling, evaluating risks and making ethical decisions. Prior to the regular weekly lectures by the respective lecturers and the project exercises, a special welcoming lecture is given by the Dean of the Faculty.

MAG1023 – Advanced Hydraulics

Unsteady flows in pipes; Open channel flows; Unsteady flows in open channels; Fluid Kinematics; Differential analysis of fluid flow; Navier-Stokes equation; Boundary layer analysis; Drag and lift.