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When someone asks you what you like to do in other than in your busy time??focus on your work…work…and work…without having an ample time for yourself, are you sick of having nothing to say? “Well, I watch a lot of TV” isn’t exactly a great conversation starter. If you’ve been feeling like a couch potato lately and want to spice up your life, guess what? I have a suggestion for you and me also already exposed to. Take up hiking! Hiking is a great hobby that means exercise, fresh air, and, of course, a little something to talk about. It is LIKE a first love, started and introduce by one of my best buddy to conquer one of the highest peak in Southeast Asia ‘Mount Kinabalu’ 4 years ago….drawback around Oct 2010…Since then, the hobby begin ;)….. Here are five reasons (my reasons also) to make hiking your next hobby.


Reason #1: Regular exercise. It seems like a strange thing – suggesting “exercise” as a reason to go out and, well, exercise, but hiking is a great form of exercise that includes challenge, variety, and great views. Many people dislike exercise because of the monotony it can mean. Hiking isn’t exactly logging miles on the treadmill. Hiking is about going out and experiencing the world and the variety it has to offer. You’ll feel like a million bucks after a good hike.

Reason #2: Having a life. When someone asks you what you did with your weekend, do you always wish you had something more to say than “Well, nothing”? If so, give hiking a try – at least once – and see how much better you feel about your life. As with many things worthwhile, it will take a little bit of discipline to get yourself out there, but once you are, you’ll be glad you did. Sometimes it pays to avoid the easy comforts.

Reason #3: Challenge. Why does hiking feel more fulfilling than walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes? Because the treadmill can often be flat, dull, and boring. Hiking is a hobby with challenge. You’ll often be walking on an incline, which means more exercise, and you’ll encounter different terrain and views along the trail.

Reason #4: Pride. Staying at home and lounging around feels good in the moment, but you have to ask yourself at the end of every day if you’re glad about what you did that day. Many times, we look back on the times we’ve had and regret the days we spent seeking comfort rather than enjoying life to its fullest. You’ll feel proud of yourself when you finally get out of the house.

Reason #5: Meeting new people. When you go out hiking, it’s hard to miss other hikers out there – with a shared hobby, you’ll have something to break the ice!

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