Completed Projects

Project Leader/Project Member

  1. Project Leader, An Improved Method of Identifying Homogeneous Regions for Regional Frequency Analyisis Based on the Self-Organizing Map RM 20 000.00. GUP (Vot  77219), Nov. 2009- May 2011.
  2. Project Member, The Development Of Clustering System For Rice Yield Prediction Precision Farming Using Machine Learning Techniques Budget approved RM180 770.00. E-Science Fund (Vot-74386), Jan 2009- Jan 2011.
  3. Project Leader, Regional Probability Distribution Type of Peninsular Malaysia Annual Streamflow by PL-Moments Approach. RM 40 000.00. GUP (Vot  7126). July 2011-Jun 2013.
  4. Project Member, Development of Pedotransfer Functions For Malaysian Soils Budget   approved  RM30 000. UTM GRANT (Vot-7126), Nov 2011-Dec  2012
  5. Project Member, Crude Oil Forecasting With An Improved Model Based On Wavelet Transform And  GMDH approved RM20 000.00. UTM GRANT (Vot00K45), Jun 2013-May 2014.
  6. Project Leader, Regional Flood Frequency Analysis using TL-Momentsl, (Vot-78264), Budget approved RM 59,000. July 2011-Jun 2013.
  7. Project Member, Permodelan Neural Network dalam Peramalan Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Negara Pendapatan Tinggi. RM 29 000 (Vot 7126). Aug 2011-July 2013.
  8. Project Leader, Topological Kriging and canonical correlation analysis for design flood prediction in ungauged catchments. RM 70 000.00, (Vot-4F275), Dec 2013-Nov 2015
  9. Project Member, A New Hybridization Of Group Method Of Data Handling Method (Gmdh)Model For Time Series Forecasting RM 71000.00 (Vot. 4F399), Dec 2013-Nov. 2015.
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