How do you perceive the Deficit Approaches and Models of CMC ?

Discuss among yourselves and provide your views. Each needs to give or present your points one at a time. Present your next point after your classmates presented theirs. (Minimum 3 entries per student and the minimum length in one entry should not be less than 50 words ).

4 basic theories / models related to the Deficit Approaches in CMC. Mention and discuss them among yourselves.

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Task Assignment:


  • Select two empirical research journal articles related CALL (OTHER THAN THE ONE YOU RECORDED PREVIOUSLY) of the same theme such as CALL pronunciation/reading/writing/listening, perceptions on CALL, effectiveness of CALL materials/software etc. Go to yahogroups file to view SAMPLE
  • Get the approval of your lecturer on your selected empirical research journal articles.
  • Upon approval by your lecturer, read both articles and then write a 5-8 page critical review paper on both articles.


  • At the top of your critical review, write your name and metric number. Then write the full bibliographic entry of both articles you are reviewing, for example:
  • Lafford, P. A. & Lafford, B. A. (2005). CMC Technologies for Teaching Foreign Languages: What’s on the Horizon?  CALICO Journal 22(3), 679-709.
  • Read through both articles first and try to understand it.Be critical when reading.
  • Note the subheadings and the main ideas discussed.
  • Begin your review by:
  • Stating the title of each article, how the article was divided, and perhaps the significance of these subheadings in the Introduction paragraph with a clear thesis.
  • Summarize concisely in 1-2 paragraphs the empirical study on CALL in each of the article
    • aims/objectives/research questions,
    • type of research,
    • research instruments,
    • participants,
    • procedure
    • findings
    • Then in the proceeding paragraphs, review critically by generally answering these questions:
    • What do you think of the article? – is it appropriate or relevant, useful, informative, interesting, timely?
    • What are your opinions or views on the article? Why? Support this with examples from the article and maybe from other similar articles (please attached reference list).
    • Do you agree/disagree with the author’s/s’ ideas/article? State specific examples to show this or by creating certain theme/s that you could extract from the article. (Cite or quote certain phrases or sentences from the article to support your point using correct and appropriate format for making citations)
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of each article? Support this with examples from the article.
    • Finally in the next few paragraphs, critically synthesise both articles by addressing these questions:
    • What are the similarities between both articles? Support with examples in the articles.
    • What are the differences between both articles? Support with examples in the articles.
  • The critical review should be typed using Times New Roman Font 12, 1.5 spacing and should be in the range of 5-7 pages.
  • Please submit your assignment in 2 formats (softcopy and hardcopy):
    1. Upload the softcopy onto yahoogroups by saving the document like this yourname_criticalreview
    2. Submit to your lecturer the hardcopy in class with your name and metric no at the top of the first page (Do not submit a cover page)