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Congratulation to all authors on publishing an article in Chemical Engineering Journal (Q1, Impact factor: 5.310).

Title: Transesterification of croton megalocarpus oil to biodiesel over WO3 supported on silica mesoporous-macroparticles catalyst

Short Abstract:

The transesterification of croton megalocarpus oil with methanol to fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) was carried out using WO3 supported on silica mesoporous-macroparticles (WO3/SMP) as a heterogeneous acid catalyst. The silica mesoporous-macroparticles (SMP) and WO3/SMP were synthesized by sol-gel and impregnation method, respectively. Under the optimum reaction condition determined through response surface methodology (RSM), 2 wt% WO3loading, 4.5 wt% catalyst amount, 9:1 methanol to oil molar ratio, 45 min reaction time and 343 K reaction temperature yielded a 96% of biodiesel product. The highest catalytic activity of 2WO3/SMP may be attributed to the high Lewis acid sites content and the presence of both intra- and interparticle pores of the catalyst that facilitated and enhanced the transport of reactants and products during the reaction.

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