I was born and raised in the village area called Felda Pemanis 2,  almost 30km far away from city of Segamat, Johore. As a child growing up in this place, I was fortunate to attend a well-regarded, daily public school from kindergarten through junior high school. Then I got the opportunity to study at a boarding technical school in Malacca. The boarding technical, all students professed a strong educational and ethical philosophy that has remained with me throughout my life. It is this foundation, along with the continued support of my family, teachers, and friends that has allowed me to embrace my dream of sharing the knowledge to the others.

The year of 2009 was my first best year in my life. In this, my graduation year, I successfully completed my first bachelor degree in mathematics and also got the position as a tutor in UTM Johor Bahru. Later in 2011, I finished my second degree with full support of my family and also met the woman that I would later marry. In 2012, Noor Aslinda Binti Ali and I married in Malacca (her hometown), with full attendance by my family and close friends; it was one of the most important events in my life.

A short time later,  at the end of year 2012, I started my new role as a Doctoral student in Osaka University, Japan. Thank to Allah since He knows everything that better for my life. During the completion of this journey, I met so many incredible friends came from various countries, around the world, and got the wonderful experiences of how to be a real muslim with non-muslim that practicing the muslim culture. SubhanAllah. Short and compact, Japan was super duper nice and marvellous.

In 2014, I took on another important role in my life, that of father. The birth of my son, Muhammad Ariqq, was a turning point in my life, and I made the concious decision that it was in his best interest that I become a stay-at-home Doctoral student instead of spending all the time in the laboratory. Alhamdulillah, I completed the journey of my Doctoral study in September 2015, and later on in November, Allah gave me another reward, another hero in my life, Muhammad Ahnaf.

Since came back from Japan in October 2015, it is my hope to secure a teaching position in UTM and continue my dream to share the knowledge to the others (for now my students and the community). With the wonderful support of my wife and the love of my sons, I know that I will become a teacher who young people look up to, someone who people can trust, who will always ‘ go the right mile, at right place and right time’ to ensure their success, In Shaa Allah.