Taught Courses

  1. SSCE 1693 – Engineering Mathematics I
    This is a first course in Engineering Mathematics. Contents include topics in basic calculus and algebra. The focus is on differentiation and integration of inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic and their inverse functions; improper integrals; series; vectors; matrices including vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors; polar coordinates; and complex numbers.
  2. SSCM 1033 – Mathematical Methods II
    This course is a continuation of SSCM 1023. Four main topics are covered, namely sequences and series, partial derivatives and its applications, and multiple integrals. Students will learn how to recognize the appropriate test of convergence for sequence and series, find partial derivatives and evaluate double and triple integrals. The use of cylindrical and spherical coordinates is also highlighted. Applications include finding the area, volume, mass, centre of gravity and moments of inertia of a solid. 
  3. SSCE 2193 – Engineering Statistics
    This course begins with basic statistics, elementary probability theory and properties of probability distributions. Introduction to sampling distribution, point and interval estimation of parameters and hypothesis testing are also covered. Simple linear regression and one-way analysis of variance are also taught in this course.