Become Math Teacher at Home

I was not trained as Math teacher. I was good in Math by accident (I have never got less than A for Math, since Form 1-Grade 7 till university student). It ‘was’ because now my rate of brain cells death much faster than cell recovery. It was by accident because I did not like my Math teacher at high school. He was fiery teacher. When I did not like the teacher, in contrary, I must then be good in Math, and eventually I love Math, and my teacher was impressed by my calculus/math/trigonometry capacity, and finally we became a good friend until I left high school.

Now my only son, Form 1/Grade 7 of a school with Cambridge Curriculum, is awful in math. He have never done the exercise on everything including Math. If he was a top performer in the class, it was purely because of his basic capacity with no additional ‘steroids’. Now, I want him to be good in Math with an intensive home schooling on Math, everyday 5-8pm. Like it or not, I am a math teacher now.

I teach him from very basic math to strengthen his foundation on math, then give him tricks on Math to stimulate his ability to do mental arithmetic. He is now progressing well, and his capacity in doing math mentally increases. He can do mentally the calculation like 225:5, 15×17 and the likes.

The work is still progressing …

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