SBEP1323 Urban Engineering Exam: 06 June 2018

Question #1:

Discuss five (5) methods of Low Impact Development (LID) to control surface runoff in an urban area.        

(5 marks)

What is the infrastructure that needed by a modern urban area and discuss why it is needed. Give one (1) related example.  

(5 marks) 


Question #2:

If the shape of all channels are square (depth=width), made of concrete n=0.015, and channel slope S=0.005, rainfall intensity I=100 mm/hour, design secondary and tertiary drainage channels in the area as shown in Figure 1. Data for the purpose of design are shown in Table 1.

[NOTE: Q=0.278*C*I*A, Q=w*d*1/n*R^(2/3)*S^(1/2)].

Table 1:

Figure 1:

(10 marks)

Question #3:

The existing solid waste management system in a city is business-as-usual SWM, with the capacity of landfill site is 2 million tons and has a life-span of 30 years (10,950 days), and daily waste generation is 1,800 ton/day. Waste disposal to landfill site after the implementation of strategic action plan is maximum 10%. To accomplish a sustainable SWM:

  1. List two (2) activities of strategic action plan for each element, in column C (Table 2).
  2. Estimate the percentage of each element of SWM after strategic actions were implemented, in column D (Table 2).

Table 2:

(10 marks)


Question #4:

A wastewater treatment plant will be constructed in an area. The average daily flow is 150 liters per PE, and the service area has the followings:

  • 2,000 units of various types of houses
  • 10,000 m2 of commercial area
  • 10 primary and secondary schools that can cater 250 students each school
  • 10 kindergartens located in the residential area that can accommodate 25 children each kindergarten
  • 5 mosques that can simultaneously accommodate 3,000 people
  • 2 churches or 2 temples that can accommodate 1,000 people
  • 1 wet market consist of 100 unit stalls
  • 20 public toilets at various places

Minimum capacity of Wastewater Treatment Plant can be calculated by the following formula:


Where DF=0.15×PE in m3/day. PE is shown in Table 3.

Estimate the capacity of waste water treatment plant.                                       

(10 marks)

Table 3:

Question #5:

To serve a part of the city, which consist of residential areas, industrial areas and commercial areas, treated water is supplied to the area with an average flow of 700 m3/hour. The daily mass curve is shown in the Figure 2. If a cylindrical tank is used with diameter twice of its height, design the tank dimension.

(10 marks)

Figure 2:

Key Answer can be downloaded here: Answer Script Final Exam 2018 – 06 Jun 2018 – Web


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