UNS-UTM Collaboration

Following the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta Indonesia (UNS) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in September 2016, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Built Environment, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and Urban and Regional Planning Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Sebelas Maret have arranged a series of meeting to follow up the MoU. Incoming meeting will be hosted by UNS held in Surakarta on 15-18 July 2018, with the following main Agenda:

  • Discussion on joint publication
  • Discussion on research interests of the academic staff of respective universities
  • Discussion on joint organization of International Conference
  • In-depth discussion between Head of Department of Urban and Regional Planning, UTM and Dean of Faculty of Engineering, UNS

During the discussion on joint publication, both parties prepared papers to be shared in the forum, and a panel, which consists of academic staff of UNS and UTM, will scrutinize the shared paper for improvement.

In this occasion, I will deliver a presentation on “how to get your paper published: UTM experience”. For this purpose I have prepared a 15-minute presentation.

I will also share a discussion on the preparation of Joint International Conference which will be held in Surakarta in 2019.

The workshop was officially opened by Dean of Faculty of Engineering Universitas Sebelas Maret, Associate Professor Sholihin As’ad. We successfully prepared 28 papers, which will be submitted to different modes of publication namely Q1 and Q2 Journals, Q3 and Q4 Journals, any Scopus-indexed Journals, Non-indexed Journals and Conference Proceedings.

Here are some photographs left in my mobile before the battery died disgracefully.

Workshop Participants (UNS and UTM Lecturers) with Dean of Faculty of Engineering UNS (Dr. Sholihin As’ad), and Director of Urban and Regional Planning Program, UTM (Dr. Hairul Nizam Ismail)


With Student Participants

The workshop plans also to publish a collaborative Book Chapters, which will be published by UNS Press. The tentative theme of the Book is Sustainable Urban Life. 

We have also done a pre-discussion on International Conference, and agreed to organized jointly this conference in October 2019.

Urban Resilience Forum in the Philippines – Part #3

Governor Imee Marcos is a great speaker as well as entertainer. We, all the participants, were entertained every night. Here is the second speech of her during diner gathering at St. Augustin Church.

And … we enjoyed the party both the food and the performance by high school students.

Here we are …

And the food.










Urban Resilience Forum in the Philippines – Part #2

I presented a paper on

Managing Urban Land Use Changes as a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy: Case of Bandung City, Indonesia

Here is the abstract:


Climate change impacts on cities are noticeable. Efforts are being concertedly or individually carried out by global and local communities to minimize the impacts. In the mean time, the alteration of urban land use from natural environment to built environment is unavoidable within the urban development process. This paper discusses the interconnection between land use changes and the generated traffic volumes at immediate collector roads. The increase of traffic volumes would subsequently increase emission and GHGs, and degrade air quality, and eventually leads to global warming and climate change. At city level, various strategies to moderate the impacts of land use transformation on climate change can be done through different modes. We propose a fundamental urban planning approach by letting the land use changes to transpire but confine them within a designated urban space through increasing urban density, prevent the city to sprawl, and encourage mixed development that promotes a within-walking-distance state, with a pre-requisite of the presence of excellent public transport to discourage people travelling by private vehicles within the city. Our study reveals that land use changes contribute to the increase of traffic volume by 8-17%, and thus increase the release of GHG emission from transport sector and eventually leads to global warming and climate change. This study was undertaken in Bandung City, Indonesia, an obviously concentric city, a city that is presently facing a persistent traffic congestion and air quality degradation as a result of infirm urban planning and loose development control.

Keywords: Climate change, air quality, urban development, densification, mixed development.

The best part of this forum is of course the sightseeing part. We went to Pasuquin through Bacarra, then Burgos and Bangui. In Burgos and Bangui participants were exhibited a huge windfarm. If I correctly remember the total capacity of the farm is 150 MW. One wind turbine is able to generate about 5 MW.

In Paquin we were welcomed by a welcome dance.

Welcome Dance by local people


We also found a similar traditional food, which we can find it in Indonesia and Malaysia. The food was made from rice flour and covered by coconut leaves. So green.

Traditional Food.


Here are some examples of the wind farm in Burgos and Bangui.

Windfarm in Bangui, Ilocos Norte

And solar-cells as well …

Renewable energy sources

Filipinos are always excellent entertainer. We went to ex-President Marcos’ Resident in Batac.

ex-President Ferdinand Marcos’ Palace in Batac

His bed


We also found Logo of Ilocos Norte Province at President Marcos’ palace.

Ilocos Norte Logo, founded in 1818











Urban Forum in the Philippines – Part #1

On 4-8 December 2017 I was sponsored by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Republic of the Philippines to present a paper. This is a good opportunity to attend an international conference for free. The venue of the forum was in Laoag City, Province of Ilocos Norte, the Province of the late ex-President Ferdinand Marcos was originated. Even, his daughter Imee Marcos is current Governor of Ilocos Norte.

I presented a paper on Managing Urban Land Use Changes as a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy: Case of Bandung City, Indonesia.

Dr. Wan Yusryzal and me

Here is Governor Imee Marcos of Ilocos Norte.

Governor Imee Marcos (center) with Orange Shirt

The organization and the organizer are quite professional, since the process of accepting paper, invitation, transportation, accommodation, entertainment and visits. Thanks to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Republic of the Philippines. We were having a good times in the Philippines.

About 200 participants from Southeast Asian countries and partner countries attended the Forum. Our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila then continued to Laoag City was full of surprises, even by my flight Air Asia. I got 2 pax of chicken lasagne for each flight of JB-KL, KL-Manila, and Manila-KL, amazing! for which I shared with my neighbors. We were welcomed by organizer and treated as VVIP person e.g. check-in counter and immigration.

To be continued and more to write …