My First PhD student finally graduated

Sherly Towolioe was a PhD student under my supervision, and she just graduated at the occasion of 60th Convocation Ceremony of UTM. Supervising her was equivalent to making a wooden table from an unprocessed timber. I spent many hours to shape her style in scholarly writing world. It was understood because she does not come from an academic world rather practitioner. One thing she was excellent in was her spirit to complete her study.  Can you imagine the Chapter One of her dissertation was back and forth for 10 times! Sometimes, I got frustrated to guide her right. But later I re-pondered that this was my responsibility and challenge to push and guide her to accomplish her mission. And finally did. Not bad, she completed in 8 semester.

Congratulations Dr. Sherly Towolioe. Remember when you end one thing, another thing just begins.