Hobby and curiosity

In leisure and lazy time, I read anything until my eyes feel sore or irritate uncomfortably. When it happened, I changed it to listen the music with my gadget and headset, and then … sleeping. My hobby of reading was commenced since I was primary 6. I was able to read before I enrolled to primary school. I was actually enrolled to Kindergarten by my father when I was 3 towards 4. But since I was a naughty boy and always curious about anything new, and became a little rascal of friends (I was once told by my father), then I was grounded from the Kindergarten.

At home, here were my ‘accomplishment’ during the grounded time at home: painting the wall with anything I got, dismantle two small mechanical clocks, dismantle five mechanical car toys, dismantling and destroying very-old-but-functioning grandpa’s gramophone and others (my father told me). Became a destroyer at home has made my late father was in years of living dangerously. Then my father enrolled me to a primary school, but the school rejected this because of underage (I was 4 years old). My father argued that I could read and count. When the principal tested me on this matter by giving me a primary 1 reading book, I happily read it, and easily did the calculation of primary 2 book. The school principal had no choice other than accepted me as the Primary 1 school student. During the primary school, I jumped once from Grade 3 to Grade 5. Thus I completed primary school at 9 to 10 years old.

Now, I am a university teacher, painter, carpenter, mechanics, plumber, gardener and whatever. By this ‘amateur profession’ I could save thousands of Ringgit. My accomplishment so far were: (1) repairing water tank by replacing the floating valve (equivalent to RM 50 labor-work) (2) painting gates (eq. RM 400) (3) painting divider wall (eq. RM 200) (3) replacing toilet flush (eq. RM 150) (4) replacing ceiling lights with 3 LEDs (eq. RM 50) (5) repairing bicycle (eq. RM 40) (6) replacing water taps (eq. RM 50), and (7) repairing sofa (eq. RM 200). Forgot to tell washing the car twice a month or RM 30/month. See, I am university teacher cum laborer.

But do not ask me to repair something for you, because either it will cost you more or will ruin everything.

I was also footballer when I was undergraduate student. Here is the proof.

I also learned anything from google (Thanks to google. Google can do anything), when I got trouble with something. For example, when I need to replace the valve of toilet flushing system, then I consult Google, type keywords to find videos or documents, and it works!

Here is the video I learned from.

When phone of my wife was hang, it was usually simply done by removing the battery, and everything back to normal. This time, the battery of the phone was irremovable, so what could we do then while the phone’s manual was unavailable? As usual go to google and find a pdf manual by typing phone model, and taraaa … we got the manual, and find the problem in trouble shooting part. Everything was solved.

Thank you Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The other time I must replace a door knob of this kind (see below). The problem of this door knob was that, it was not function, could not be locked, if it was locked it could only be opened inside (the other side). Since the price was only RM 20-30 then I thought it was better to replace it, instead of repair it. However, I will utilize this dysfunction door knob to learn its mechanism, by dismantling the knob. Later, when same problem happened, I have been an expert how to repair it.

I have no idea how to replace it. The answer is simple. Go to google and type how to repair the door knob. Then, understand first its parts, and consult website and youtube.

And consult this video.


And … I did.

Becoming a mechanic is also passion. I always curious about engines, car engine, jet engine, how it works, etc. Here are videos on how does automatic transmission work.

Another example (not an animation).

How do jet engines work …