PhD students

  1. Sherly Towolioe, Indonesia, Government’s failure factors on sustainable solid waste management in a developing city in Indonesia. She commenced her thesis under my supervision in August 2013, and had her thesis defense (viva-voce) in May 2017. Thesis revision has been submitted to FAB in November 2017 and now she is waiting for the UTM Senate decision.
  2. Zakka Solomon Dyachia, Nigeria, Impacts of Land Use Pattern on Carbon Emission within the Context of Environmental Sustainability in a Sub-Saharan Concentric City. He has been under my supervision since January 2014. He is now waiting for thesis defense, which will be conducted on 17 January 2018.
  3. Bashirat Mustafa Abdul Azeez, Nigeria. Her proposed research is on the impacts of current practices of waste water management in Nigeria. The research topic is yet to be determined based on her exposure on the pros and cons, as well as research needs for her country in particular. She just enrolled as a doctoral student at Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Built Environment, UTM, in January 2018.