Research Project


  1. Quasi Open Innovation: Developing an Alternative to Open Innovation Model for Malaysian Biotechnology Industry. August 2017 – August 2019, funded by Ministry of Higher Education under Fundamental Research Grant Scheme. Vot. J13000.7829.4F927, RM51,940.
  2. The Perception, Awareness and Behaviour on Intellectual Property Rights of Malaysian SMEs. Dec. 2016- Feb. 2018. Funded by UTM. Vot.QKJ13000.2613J03, RM7,0000
  3. Measuring Science Using Non-Patent Literature Data. October 2016 – March 2018, funded under UTM GUP, Vot Q.J130000.2515H55, RM30,000
  4. Community Impact of UTM’s Innovation and Technology Transfer Activities. October 2014 – March 2016, funded by UTM under flagship program. Vot Q.J130000.2429.02G66, RM45, (Principal Researcher)
  5. Developing an Operational Financing Model for Malaysian Innovative High Technology Based Firms April 2010 – Jul. 2012, funded by UTM under Research University Grant Tier 2. Vot. Q.2629.00J74, RM40,000. (Principal Researcher)
  6. Developing Evaluation Models for University-Industry Technological Links. Nov. 2008-April 2011, funded by Ministry of Higher Education under Fundamental Research Grant Scheme. Vot. J13000.7829.3F328, RM50,000. (Principal Researcher)


  1. Development of ‘Smart Work Life’ Module in Reducing Job Stress among Support Staff in UTM. Oct. 2016- Sept. 2017. Funded by UTM. Vot.QKJ13000.2611J73, RM10,0000
  2. Tangkak Sebagai Food Hub di Negeri Johor. Jul. 2016- Jul. 2017. Funded by UTM. Vot.QKJ13000.2501.14H90, RM34,0000
  3. Kajian Rakyat Malaysia Bekerja di Singapura. Aug. 2016- Nov. 2016. Contract Research by ILMIA. Vot.QKJ13000.0229.4Y053, RM194,669
  4. Mediating Effect of Irrational Beliefs in the Relationship Between Stress Exposure and Reaction of Stress Among Fully Residential School Teachers in Johor. Nov. 2012- Feb. 2014. Funded by UTM. Vot.QKJ13000.2729.00K02, RM20,0000
  5. The Development of Social Entrepreneurs Ecosystems in Malaysia.Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Research University Grant Tier 1, April 2011- Oct 2013, Q.J130000.7114.02H08, RM150,000
  6. The Roles of Technology Transfer Office in Commercializing University A Case Study of Two Malaysian Universities. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 2010, New Doctorate Grant, Vot. 77915, RM10,000
  7. Cluster Analysis Innovation, Networking, Internationalisation and Branding of Industrial Clusters:A case of Malaysia, April 2011 – Jul 2012, QJ13000.2629.04J32, RM40,000
  8. The impact of motivator factors on research productivity: The expectancy and Attribution Theory Analysis . March 2009 – Feb. 2010, Vot. 77909, RM10,000
  9. A Survey on the Management of Technology among Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia (2008) (Funded by MPC)


  1. Kajian Rakyat Malaysia Bekerja di Singapura (Fasa 2) Consultancy Project for ILMIA Feb. 2018 – September 2018, RM391 773
  2. Kajian Inovasi Kebangsaan dalam Sektor Pembuatan dan Perkhidmatan 2009-2012. Consultancy Project for MASTIC, 2012, Vot 656, RM350,000 (Consultant)
  3. Kajian Impak Program Kemajuan Ekonomi Luar Bandar. Consultancy Project for Kementerian Kemajuan Bandar dan Wilayah, 2010, RM 284,959.40 (Consultant)
  4. Training Needs Analysis for Entrepreneurship. The project was awarded by the National Entrepreneurship Institute (INSKEN); 2007-2008. Vot No.63095, RM499,979.10, (Consultant)