Thesis/Dissertation Examiner


  1. Anupama Sanjeev (PhD, Mother Teresa Women’s University, India) (2011) (Aspiration Level of Indian Youths and its Influence on Commitment)
  2. Megat Zuhairi Megat Tajuddin (DBA, Universiti Teknologi MARA) (2015) (Organisational Performance in Construction Industry: The Mediating Role of Innovation)
  3. Nurul Nadia Abd Aziz (PhD, Universiti Teknologi MARA)(2016)(Organisational Capabilities and Competitive Advantage: The Moderating Effect of Managerial Competencies in Processed Foods SMEs in Malaysia)
  4. Sitti Syamsiar Muharram (PhD, Universiti Teknologi MARA)(2016) (Strategic Resources, Environmental Management Accounting and Business Performance of Sabah Construction Industry)
  5. Muhammad Bin Majid (PhD, Universiti Teknologi MARA)(2016) (Relationship of Human Capital, Service Delivery and Organisational Performance: Examining the Moderating Effect of Organisational Culture in Malaysian Government Ministries)



  1. Muhammad Jawad Iqbal (PhD, UTM) (2013) (Transforming Malaysian Economy from Production Base to Knowledge Base Using Quadruple Helix Collaborations)
  2. Ibn-E-Hassan (PhD, UTM) (2013) (Cluster Initiative Development Process in Malaysian Policy-Led Cluster)
  3. Nader Salehi (PhD, UTM) (2013) (Mediating Effect of Absorptive Capacity on the Relationship between Antecedents, R&D and Innovation.)
  4. Khasyar Yazdani (PhD, UTM) (2014) (Barriers of University-Industry Technology Transfer and its Moderator Efficacy on Malaysian Universities’ Technology Transfer Office)
  5. Syed Khurram Ali Jafri (PhD, UTM) (2014) (Sustainable Growth of Women Technology-Based Firms in Malaysia)
  6. Jawad Hussain (PhD, UTM) (2015) (The Effect of Market and Learning Orientation on Organisational Performance of Manufacturing SMEs in Pakistan)
  7. Mohd Khairuddin Ramliy (PhD, UTM) (2016) (The Relationships between Open Innovation, Government Support and Firm’s Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysian Furniture Manufacturing Sector)



  1. Umee Nor Ayuniza Abd Ghani (Master by Research, UTM) (2014) (Developing the Best Practice Model for University Spin-Off Formation Process)
  2. Muhammad Izuddin Ahmad (Master by Research, UTM) (2014) (Employees’ Awareness on Innovation Concept in Malaysian Universities’ Innovation Centres
  3. Shaista Noor (Master by Research, UTM) (2015)(Commercialisation of Academic Research  in Higher Educations Institutions of Pakistan)