Thesis Supervision (Completed)


Doctoral Student (Graduated)

No Name Graduation Year Title Role
1 Low Hock Heng 2011 Drivers Affecting the Perception of Feasibility towards Commercialisation of Universities’ R&D Activities. Co-Supervisor Main supervisor: Prof. Dr Amran Md Rasli
2 Noorulsadiqin Azbiya binti Yaacob 2011 Issues of Commercialisation of Biotechnology Related Researches in Malaysian Research Universities Co-Supervisor Main supervisor:  Prof. Dr Amran Md Rasli
3 Navid Khabiri 2014 Designing a Comprehensive Decision Making Model to Assess and Select an Appropriate Method in Technology Transfer Process Main supervisor
4 Ajagbe Akintunde Musibau 2014 Financing Technology Based SMEs Co-Supervisor Main supervisor: Dr Kamariah Ismail
5 Obaji Nkem Okpa 2015 Technology Business Incubation Programme in Nigeria Main supervisor
6 Nezal Aghajari 2015 Innovative Operation Strategies and Performance Outcomes of MalaysianSMEs. Main supervisor
7 Kambiz Abdi 2016 Impact of Knowledge Management on Organisation Innovation. Main supervisor
8 Zeeshan Shaukat 2016 Leader Member Exchange and Organisational Support as Antecedents of Employees Attitudes and Behaviour. Main supervisor
9 Abeda Muhammad Iqbal 2018 The Influence of National Innovation System on University-Industry Research Collaboration Main Supervisor
10 Bilal Ahmed Abbasi 2018 The Influence of Entrepreneurial Education and Personality in Entrepreneurial Career Choice Main supervisor
11 Shazia Parveen 2018 Open Innovation, Organisational Culture and Organisational Performance among Automobile Manufacturers in Pakistan Main supervisor
12 Siti Aisah Sahlan 2018 The Moderating Effect of Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy on the Relationship of Personal and Environmental Factors with Commercialisation Behaviour Co Supervisor.

Main Supervisor: Dr Nor Sa’adah Abd Rahman


Master Student (Graduated)

No Name Status Title Type Role
1 Dimas Adekhrisna 2007 Technology Transfer in Water Supply System: A Case Study of Local Water Supply Enterprise, Solo, Indonesia MSc Dissertation Main supervisor
2 Mohd Amran Mohd Daril 2008 University-Industry Collaboration in Malaysia MSc Dissertation Main supervisor
3 Fairul Anwar Abu Bakar 2008 University-Industry Collaboration in Malaysia MSc Dissertation Main supervisor
4 Anwar Ragab 2010 Technology Management Practices in Libyan Industries MSc Dissertation Main supervisor







Noor Diana Drani





Technology and Innovation Management Practice: A Case Study in British American Tobacco GSD Sdn Bhd.  



MSc Dissertation




Main supervisor

6 Sugumaren Suppiah 2010 The Employees Perception in Managing Technological Innovation: A Case Study in Petronas Dagangan Bhd MSc Dissertation Main supervisor
7 Syed Muhammad Karshany 2010 Online Banking in Iran


MSc Dissertation Main supervisor
8 Maryam Garmsari 2011 Factors Affecting Innovation Management at Mazinoor Lighting Industry, Iran MSc Dissertation Main supervisor
9 Sadegh Rast 2011 Developing Assessment Framework for Industry Research Collaboration at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia MSc Dissertation Main supervisor
10 Wendy Ariyanda 2012 Industry and University Linkages: A Study of Pt, Pusri Palembang, Indonesia MSc Dissertation Main supervisor
11 Abeda Muhammad Iqbal


2012 Evaluation of Research Collaboration between University and Industry Research Main supervisor
12 Mohd Firdaus Roslan 2014 Factors Influencing Green Production Adoption at Malaysian SMEs Research Main supervisor
13 Meor Noor Zainal Idham Bin Meor Noor Azami 2017 The Driven Factors of Eco-innovation in Malaysian Automotive Industry. Mix Mode Dissertation Main supervisor
14 Roko Lumi Peter 2017 Technological Innovation Practice at Dangote Cement Industry, Nigeria Mix Mode Dissertation Main supervisor
15 Mohd Asrul Bin Ishak 2018 Critical Success Factors on 3.5” Aluminum Substrate New Product and Development at Seagate International Johor Sdn. Bhd. Mix Mode Dissertation Main Supervisor
16 Teo Jin Li 2018 The Perceived Effect of Lean Manufacturing and Working Environment on Employee Well Being Mix Mode Dissertation Co Supervisor.

Main Supervisor: Dr Nor Sa’adah Abd Rahman