Data Engineering

BSc Computer Science (Data Engineering) – Fac of Computing UTM skudai

The Bachelor of Computer Science (Data Enginering) is specially designed together with the industries, where their inputs are valuable to fulfill the much needed entry-level database technologist. The graduates from this programme will be responsible for the efficient and effective management of the lifeblood of an organization- its Data and Information. Students in this programme will undergo a rigorous learning process involving active acquisition of knowledge, skills, practical training and appropriate attitude via both formal and informal curricular that are aligned with professional certification. The learning process is not limited to theory and practical through lectures and teaching, but the students are also required to be attached with the industries in several courses to experience real world of computer and database systems environment. The courses have been carefully tailored which encompass the foundation of computer science, practical database and information technology, and the elements of knowledge management in a variety of organizational settings, including corporate and government-based. Apart from the core and selective subjects, the course exposes students to hands-on training aligned with professional certifications such as Oracle-DBA.