How To Handle Your Boss??

Deal with the difficult boss or abusive management by reducing negative emotions of work stress, empowering employees and bringing up your concerns

 If you feel you’ve been criticized unfairly by your boss, what’s the best way to confront the boss with your concerns?
  1. Discuss your concerns — not confront your boss. There is a difference. You need to carry out the discussion of your concerns in a non-adversarial way. Like a marriage, you should try to handle your complaints in a manner that does not do further damage to your relationship
  2. What’s the best way to respond to criticism from your boss?

    Try to see the criticism as valuable information about how to do better, not as a personal attack. Try to separate your personal ego from your business persona. Try hard to control your impulses to react emotionally or defensively. Try to see the criticism as an opportunity to work together with your boss on a development plan. See yourself as a partner with your boss on this plan, rather than on seeing yourself as a victim of a power struggle.

  3. Sometimes employees are hesitant to speak to their boss about criticism. Is there a way to overcome that fear of retribution?

    A. The chances that your fear of retribution will turn into reality will be significantly reduced to the degree that you can discuss criticism with your boss in a reasonable non-emotional, non-defensive manner. You can avoid setting up your boss to be angry at you and therefore risk retribution by careful planning and diplomatic communication.