Doing good via UTMSmart

UTM, through UTMDigital (formerly known as the Centre for Information and Communication Technology) has developed   UTMSmart, an app available both on the iOS / App store for UTM students and staff.

Love the app! It has many functions which help the UTM community to get things done. Among the functions that I like include taking class attendance, leave application, and payslip view.

It’s a Friday routine for me to do a little donation to the university via the UTMSmart app. The process is easy – I normally would do it after Subuh prayers, when I go back to bed and continue the weekend snooze laze around before going about matters of the day.

My favourite thing to do is to select which cause to donate. It could be the UTM Endowment Fund, the UTM Library Endowment Fund, Because We Care Fund, and the Sekolah Agama UTM fund, among others.

Here are eight easy steps for any UTM student/staff to donate to university (in PDFformat):

Manual – donation via UTMSmart

The culture of giving is flourishing in UTM – and I am willing to contribute, anytime!

The Langkawi retreat

Went on a holiday to Langkawi with Roseline, a good friend from 28-31 Aug 2020.

It was an unplanned trip; we only started to make arrangements three weeks prior to departure.

A quick summary:

  • Direct flight from JB to Langkawi via AirAsia (#thankGodfordirectflights)
  • Stayed at Westin Langkawi (thanks for the excellent service! A shout out to Jean who made our check-in and check-out processes seamless)
  • We became hermits who lazed around the beach/pool throughout our stay, and only ventured out to find food during meal times

Food highlights:

There were two events that are worthy of mention here:

Event 1: We unknowingly crashed into Dataran Lang on 29 Aug 2020. The place was closed in order to avoid congregation of crowds during the long weekend. We woke up early and headed there around 6.30 am, as we would like to catch sunrise there. We were chased out by a uniformed personnel  by 8.15 am! Well, at least we were there for a good 1++hours…

Event 2: We went hiking @ Machinchang on 30 Aug 2020.  Didn’t go all the way up, as our destination was a small freshwater pool, which is located around 500 metres from sea level. It was a good hike, totaling about 7++k/3.5 hrs. I was fortunate to have hiking mates who cheered a grumpy and lethargic fella throughout the hike. The small freshwater pool is a beauty to behold. It has clear cold water, with fishes swimming by. This is the highlight of the Langkawi retreat, all thanks to Fadli (my other good friend!).

Coming back again soon. Langkawi has much to offer!

Hello world!

I have to thank Dr Hadijah Jaffri for inspiring me to start this page.

It all started when I received an email from the faculty on an upcoming Teaching Excellence System Differentiated Career Pathway (TES-DCP) briefing and workshop this coming Sunday (16 August 2020):

The system, in a nutshell, is a system for UTM academic staff to report on their journey in teaching and learning for every semester. The documentation would come in handy when the staff applies for promotion in the future.

As a new staff, I am not familiar with the system, but I am willing to test it out. After logging in, I discovered that there’s a few sections to be filled in.

I need help – before the deadline of TES-DCP submission before 30 September 2020.

I reached out to Dr Hadijah as she is one of the facilitators for the upcoming training. She provided me with a link of her personal page here, which contains a number of blog posts related to the TES-DCP system.

I am grateful for the help – but more importantly, I realised that there is an outlet for me to write directly under the university site, which I had never optimised before.

So this is an attempt to restart writing! (For the record, I had a Medium page, but it didn’t go far beyond 2019…)

Hello world, may this page marks the start of a consistent writing journey.

Academic staff personal site