MBEA1313 Advanced Architectural Technology & Integrated Environment


The course gives emphasis on human comfort and energy-saving concept and criteria in architecture and building design. It considers specific aspects of building performance in relation to its context, concepts and techniques needed in environmental design. The scope of architectural solutions may be passive or mechanical that illustrates climatic understanding and use of appropriate technological solutions with particular emphasis on tropical climate. Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools are used to analyze the environmental performance of buildings in an integrated design process.

This course is integrated with MBEA1119 Design Pre-Thesis 1.


Course Contents

1   Introduction to This Course

This topic gives an overview of the course contents and starts a preliminary discussion on key concepts related to energy efficiency

2   Energy Use in Buildings

This topic debates current energy issues and explains energy use patterns in buildings

3   Occupant Comfort and Adaptation

This topic reviews indoor comfort conditions specified in current standards and discusses occupant adaptation in hot-humid climate

4   Vernacular Environmental Technologies

This topic discusses vernacular wisdom by introducing environmental technologies found in Malaysian traditional houses

5   Energy Efficient Design and Controls

This topic explains approaches to energy efficient design through passive strategies and active controls

6   Renewable Energy for Buildings

This topic considers renewable energy application in buildings

7   Building Performance Analysis Using Simulation

This topic explains building performance analysis using computer simulation and introduces selected softwares for use in students’ design project

8   Evolving Policies Towards Energy Efficiency and Building Energy Labelling

This topic discusses how policies have evolved in consideration of the need for energy efficiency and reviews current development of building energy labelling in Malaysia

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