Fahrul Zaman Huyop completed his BSc (Hons.) in Biotechnology and PhD in Biochemistry from well established university in the United Kingdom between 1993 and 2000.  During that time he was awarded the Malaysian Government Scholarship to complete his education.

Now he is a professor in the Department of Biosciences, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He is also a senior member of the university research group (BIOMIP) under Research Alliance of Health&Wellness. His research focuses on the bacterial dehalogenases that can detoxify pollutants particularly halogenated organic compounds. He is also conducts plant biotechnology research on plant resistant to herbicide. He has published several book chapters and also book editor.

His personal advocacy is centred on promoting microbial enzyme especially that can degrade pollutants i.e dehalogenases. For his accomplishments, he was awarded several awards at the university level. He also active in the scientific society-Philippines Society for Microbiology (PSM). He is recognized as Fellow and Diplomate of the Philippines Academy of Microbiology (FPAM&DPAM) based in Manila.