Completed Projects

1.Enzymatic study of the dehalogenases involved in biodegradation of a herbicide 3-chloropropionic acid (3CP) by a novel indigenous bacteria, Project Leader, (2006-2008), MOSTI/e-Science Fund Vot#79073 (RM 106,869)

2. Improvement of plant regeneration system from seedling of Impatiens balsamina L. Project Leader, (2007-2009), MOHE/FRGS Vot#78180 (RM 71,000)

3. Investigation of Rhizobial dehalogenase control system in dehalogenase gene expression. Project Leader. (2007-2009), MOHE/FRGS Vot 78181 (RM13,788.80)

4. Isolation and identification of indigenous bacteria from Paddy field capable of degradation of herbicide monochloroacetate. Project Leader.(2008-2010), MOHE/FRGS Vot 78307 (RM105,000)

5. Protein structural predictions/Functions by computational studies and site directed mutational analysis of non-stereospecific haloacid dehalogenase E (DehE) of Rhizobium sp. RC1.Project Leader.(2011-2012), MOHE/FRGS Vot J130000.7835.4F008 (RM72,000)

6. Protein structural prediction and functional analysis by computational studies and site directed mutagenesis of stereospecific haloacid dehalogenase (DehL) from Rhizobium sp. RC1. Project Leader.(1/12/2014-30/11/2015), MOHE/FRGS, Vot R.J130000.7845.4F611 (RM116,000)