Curriculum vitae

Correspondence : Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Faculty of Built Environment
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
81310 Skudai
Tel : 07-5537454/0177297848
Fax : 07-5566155
Academic Qualifications : PhD. (Geography/Environment) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. 2003
PhD. Thesis
Amalan Kawalan Perancangan di Pihak Berkuasa Perancangan Tempatan Tumpuan Kepada Aspek Alam Sekitar
Master of Law University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 1989
LLM Thesis
Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 1983
Diploma of Urban and Regional Planning, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 1980
Diploma in Translation UTM/Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka
Current Professional Membership  : Corporate Member of Malaysian Institute of Planners
Member of the Board of Malaysian Town Planners
Current Teaching And
Administrative Responsibilities
: a) Current Teaching
1. Urban Planning Law (BURP)
2. Planning Law and Practice (Msc.)
3. Housing Law and Practice (Msc.)
4. Option Paper (Law and Environment)
Studio Supervision
1. Studio First Year (BURP)
2. Studio Second Year (BURP)
b) Administrative Responsibilities
Academic Coordinator (Research)
Head of Information Technology Laboratory, Faculty of Built
Member of Post Graduate Evaluation Committee
Coordinator of Masters Urban and Regional Planning (MURP)
Member of Departmental Quality Assurance Committee
(Malaysia Quality Assurance, MQA)
Faculty Representative in Jawatankuasa Ketua Pakar Bidang,
Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, UTM
Previous Employment  : Technical Assistant (JPBD Negeri Johor) 1989
 Research And Publications  :  a) Research
Exploring the Physical and Socio-economic Transformation as the Gentrification Process in Iskandar Malaysia.June 2013- May 2015, Ministry Of Higher Education (MOHE), (Head of Researcher)
The Development Of Plan Outcome Evaluation Methodology: A Case Of Iskandar Malaysia. January 2013-December 2013, Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Head of Researcher)
Spatial Planning Guidelines For Mitigating Chronic Disease Outbreak In Rapid Urbanizing Context. January 2013 – December 2013. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
No Plastic Bag Campaign In Malaysia: The Legislative Measures, Consumer Behavior And Willingness To Pay (WTP) Of Plastic Bag Levy. January 2013 – December 2013. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
Sustainable Neighborhood Design: Updating Of Malaysian Planning Standards To Address The Threats Of Climate Change. April 2011-June 2013. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
Development of Urban Fabric Framework Model for Sustainable Security and Safety in Iskandar Metropolis. April 2011-March 2013. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
Selection Of Heritage Building Criteria And Its Economic Implication. January 2011- December 2012. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Head of Researcher)
Application Of Crime Prevention Trough Environmental Design (Cpted) Principles In The Planning Of Residential Neighbourhood. April 2011-December 2012. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
Evaluation Of Market Based Instrument For Public Recycling Program. April 2011-December 2012. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
Determination Of A Potential Area Of Scenic Beauty Through Integration Of Expert Based And Preference Study: A Case Study For Visual Landscape Quality Assessment In Malaysia. April 2011-December 2012. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
Charting The Legal And Contractual Route For The Implementation. April 2011-December 2012. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
Critical Success Factors For E-Learning Acceptance In Malaysia’s Construction Industry: An Exploratory Investigation. April 2011-December 2012. Research University Grant, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, (Researcher)
The Dynamics of Internal Migration in Klang Valley: A Spatial Correlation Analysis. May 2010- June 2011, Centre for Innovative Planning, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Principle Investigator
Integrating Residential Planning Guidelines and Transit Oriented Development in Planning for Inner City, August 2009 – August 2011, Research Management Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (Co-Researcher)
Impact of Preserving Urban Heritage Buildings on Urban Property Value, August 2008 – June 2010, Research Management Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (Head of Researcher)
Guidelines for Mangrove Development: Case Study of Tanjung Piai. Johor National Park (Ramsar). January 2007-December 2008, Research Management Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (Head of Researcher)
A Study on Kuala Terengganu Urban Morphology, April 2007-September 2007 sponsored by Federal Department of Town & Country Planning. (Head of Researcher)
Criteria for Urban Sprawl/Land Use Expansion, Fundamental Research, Research Management Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (Researcher)
A Study on User Requirement GIS Perak. March 2006 – January 2007 sponsored by Perak State. (Researcher)
Development of Planning Support System for Urban Development and Control. June 1999-May 2001, IRPA, Ministry of Science and Environment. (Researcher)
Modeling the Impact of Geohazard on Human Settlements. January 2000 – December 2001. IRPA, Ministry of Science and Environment. (Researcher)
National Housing Policy, sponsored by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government 1998 (Housing Law Sector. (Researcher)
A study on Tourism Carrying Capacity for Mersing Off-shore Islands using GIS, January 1995-December 1995, Research Management Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (Researcher)
A Study of Neighbourhood Concept for Johor Bahru, January 1994-December 1994, Research Management Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. (Researcher)
b) Publication
Book Chapters
Foziah Johar. (2006). Environmental Sustainability in Selected Local Plans. In Kadouf & Junid (eds). Land Use Planning and Environmental Sustainability in Malaysia: Policies and Trends, International Islamic University Malaysia
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Green Space And Sustainable Urban Planning The Malaysian Case (December 2010)
Asia GIS 6th. International Conference 2006, UTM, Johor Bahru (9 – 10 March 2006)
International Seminar on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management, Sendai, Japan, 27-29 May 2003
International Seminar on Computers in Urban Planning and
Urban Management, Sendai, Japan, 27-29 May 2003
GISDECO 2002, Enshede, The Netherlands, 15 – 18 May 2002
International Conference Environmental Management: Ten Years after Rio, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 22-23 Oktober 2002
5th International Conference on Decision Support System in Architecture and Urban Planning, Deventer, the Netherlands, September 2000
(SENVAR) International Seminar Sustainable Environmental
Architecture, 23-24 Oktober 2000, Central Library – ITS
Seminar Kebangsaan Pengurusan Persekitaran. 8-9 Julai 2001 UKM Bangi
Consultancy : Landscape Master Plan in Bandar Segamat (February 2011-December 2012) sponsored by Federal Department of Landscape. Cost RM 200,000.00
Building Conservation Selection Criteria (January 2011-October 2012) sponsored by Federal Department of Town & Country Planning. Cost RM 30,000
Maintenance Services of Development Control System (SKP) Town and Country Planning Department of KLCH (February 2010- December 2010) sponsored by Kuala Lumpur City Hall. Cost RM 379,599.62
Negeri Sembilan Land Use Planning Monitoring System (SisMaps) (January 2010 – December 2010) sponsored by Selangor Town and Country Planning Department. Cost 252,9367.96
Projek Membekal, menghantar, memasang, membangun, menguji, mentauliah dan menyelenggara (Dalam Tempoh Jaminan), Sistem Pemantauan Rancangan Tempatan Daerah (SPRTD) Bagi JPBD, Negeri Sembilan (September 2010-December 2010) sponsored by Federal Department of Town & Country Planning. Cost RM 125,000.00
A Study on The Planning Appeal in Malaysia, (September 2008 – January 2009) sponsored by Federal Department of Town & Country Planning. Cost RM 49,950
A Study on The Implementation of the Town & Country Planning Act (Act 172) for State and Federal Level, (June 2008- December 2008), sponsored by Federal Department of Town & Country Planning. Cost RM 49,900
The Compilation Information of Development Plan System, Experience of United Kingdom and Australia, (September 2007 – December 2007), sponsored by Federal Department of Town & Country Planning. Cost RM 39,950
A Study on The Implementation of the Town & Country Planning Act for Peninsular Malaysia (November 2006–May 2007), sponsored by Federal Department of Town &
Country Planning. Cost RM 49,975 (Project Manager)
Special Area Plan for North-West Extension of Johor Bahru City Council, (April 2003-August 2004) sponsored by Johor Bahru City Council, Cost RM 30.000 (Project Manager)
Enhancement of GIS Application of Klang Valley Region (AGISwlk 2001-2005), sponsored by Federal Territory Development and Klang Valley Planning Division, Prime Minister’s Department, Cost RM 4 Million (Reseacher)
Application of GIS for Klang Valley Region (AGISwlk`99), September 1999-August 2000, sponsored by Federal Territory Development and Klang Valley Planning Division, Prime Minister’s Department, Cost RM 2.3 Million (Reseacher)
Application of GIS for Klang Valley Region (AGISwlk`98), January-December 1998, sponsored by Federal Territory Development and Klang Valley Planning Division, Prime Minister’s Department, Cost RM 2.4 Million (Researcher)
Master Plan for Sungai Kuantan, Jan-Dec 1998, sponsored by Kuantan Municipal Council, Cost RM 250,000 (Researcher)
Development of Planning and Development Control System for Kuala Lumpur City Hall, January 1998 until now, sponsored by Kuala Lumpur City Hall, RM 6 Million (Researcher)
Development of GIS database for Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory (AGISwplk`97), January-December 1997, sponsored by Federal Territory Development and Klang Valley Planning Division, Prime Minister’s Department, Cost 3.0 Million (Reseacher)
Tourism Master Plan for Mersing Town, June 1996-Dec 1997, sponsored by Johor Economic Plan Unit Cost RM 235,000 (Researcher)
Student Supervision : Muhammad Gohram Khan (2013)
Zalina Binti Abu Naim (2013)
Mohd Farid Bin Md Yunos (2013)
Nazhan Bin Nazran (2013)
Jiman Chado (2013)
Abdullahi Baba Mohammed (2013)
Dermayana Arsal Suhasman (2011-2013)
Dario G. Pampanga (2012-2013)
Zungwenen, Utange Jonathan (2012-2013)
Hassan Abdul Aziz (2011-2013)
Puteh Maisarah Binti Zulkarnain (2011-2013)
Zulherman Bin Muhamad Sosi (2011-2012)
Maryam Kohansal Nodehi (2011-2012)
Rustam Hakim (2011)
Idris Nasiru Medugu (2011)