No. of Supervision (Post-Doctoral Fellows, PhD, MPhil, MSc Project, MSc Dissertation & UG Project)

A) Post-Doctoral Fellows: 1
B) Principal Supervisor for PhD: 14, Graduated: 11
C) Co-Supervisor for PhD: 5, Graduated: 3
D) Principal Supervisor for MPhil. (Research): 8, Graduated: 6
E) Master Project (MSc Tourism Planning – Taught Course): 20, Graduated: 20
F) Dissertation (MSc Tourism Planning – Mixed Mode): 24, Graduated: 24
G) Undergraduate Project (Principal Supervisor): 53, Graduated: 53*

*Note: Supervising over 53 Undergraduate Project (Projek Sarjana Muda) since 2001 to present for Bachelor of Urban & Regional Planning, UTM. Topic: Tourism Planning, Urban Planning, Urban Tourism, Rural Tourism, Tourist Movement, Tourism in World Heritage Site, Rural Planning & Regional Planning