Intelectual Property

1 Soal Selidik Kesejahteraan Psikologi dan Sosial Registered Inventor
2 Model EQ and Self-Motivation Training Registered Inventor
3 The Model of Emotional Competence Training For Leaders Registered Inventor
4 Skala Penilaian Kecerdasan Emosi EIMA Registered Inventor
5 Inventori Sumber Motivasi Registered Inventor
6 The Emotional Competence Training Module: Emotional Intelligence Mastering Ability (EIMA) Registered Inventor
7 Soal Selidik Kajian Willingness To Pay (WTP) dalam Agro Pelancongan Registered Co-inventor
8 Soal selidik Aspirasi Anak Muda Johor Registered Co-inventor
9 Expert Questionnaire – Development of Integrated Disaster Risk Index Model for Local Assessment in Malaysia for Vulnerability Indicators Registered Co-inventor
10 Community-based Questionnaire – Local Scale Disaster Risk Assessment in Malaysia Registered Co-inventor
11 Borang Soal Selidik Bengkel Penggunaan Aplikasi Facebook Registered Co-inventor
12 Borang Soal Selidik Bengkel Cyber Copywriting Registered Co-inventor
13 Survey on Utilization of Advance Technology, Manufacturing Technology and Digital Technology in Malaysia at Post-Covid Crisis Registered Co-inventor
14 User Manual – Visit Pontian Mobile Application Registered Co-inventor
15 Leadership Talent Predictive Analytics Framework For Institutes Of Higher Education Registered Co-inventor
16 Leadership Competency in Higher Education Institution (LCHEI) Assessment Instrument Registered Co-inventor
17 Higher Education Institution Leadership Competency Framework Registered Co-inventor