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I am most qualified with respect to doing social science research in relation to architecture, landscape and urban design. The number of postgraduate students I am now supervising and have completed their work and with a few more inquiries for my advice and consultancy is testimony to my areas of academic, professional and knowledge excellence.

I have a basic interest in architecture with a bachelor’s degree in the area at the University of Western Australia, and later moving on to landscape as an area of self-interest by having done my Masters at Sheffield University. I later decided to complimentary enhanced my interest in the development and design of the built environment by pursuing my PhD in Urban Design at the same institution. Reflecting on my own experience, I am of the opinion that, regardless of the overlap of areas specialisation such as myself, every academician will inevitably struggle with research direction and focus at some time. However, I have an inquisitive mind, well-informed, understands what is required in a realm of professional excellence be it in practicing industry or academic, and I think these will have a solid basis from which to grow as a all round researcher and academician. I am also inclined to believe that more experienced researchers should assume the role of sounding-board to which we can direct our ideas and receive critical advice and comment.

With my deep  experience in teaching in terms of time, quality and wide range of subjects, I have had the priviledge of serving as a a partime tutor at the Landscape Department, University of Sheffield during my postgraduate studies in 1991 and between 2001 and 2003.

I have always believed and comfortable teaching in English and as such, my widely acknowledged command in the language have made me notable in many circles of colleagues, students and other professional organizations. Hence, I am part of a small group of individuals within the faculty who have been entrusted with overseeing the concept and quality of teaching in English.