Celebrate 20 years success

Feel honoured to join in celebration event of 20 years centre of SDI and Land admistration, which is personally invited by prof abbas through linkedin message.

Since my early works in GIS domain, his papers have been referred by many including me.the centre established in 2001. i graduated and did my master in 2003 in UTM so his name was major cited in my work 😁

What I can say, He is pioner and well known of SDI initiative particularly in the southest continents

Experienced supervisor refresher course AS201

Berkesempatan pagi ni

Attend talk by Prof Haniza

Dari jabatan matematik

Beberapa sharing yang diberikan

1. Minta pelajar updates progress everyweek ..no progress is an update too.

2. Minta semua students dibawah supervision present sharing their work of one semester before submitting their progress report via GSMS

3. Before accepting students and agree to supervise student – kene tanya tahap kesihatan dahulu kerana ianya berkaitan life seseorang

4. Pelajar perlu prepare weekly workplan and include conference/jurnal they plan to submit

5. Calon pelajar di groom dari peringkat PSM lagi

6. Encourage pelajar to attend all mastery course to upskilling

7. Quality vs. GOT… quality is more important!.

Meeting with mentor

– I learnt the way he conduct mock viva for his PhD student, the way he commenting, asking graph values that are not clear enough

– commenting on writing contributions and novelty. Must in separate slides

– in conclusion must aligh objectives with main finding

In terms of managing project

– he concerned on the money that still not be spent.

– try to fix with the proposed date as stated. For example if in the doc mention to conduct bla bla bla on bla bla, try to fix with the date, or as long as there is progress, jgn tipu