Current Teaching (Undergraduate Courses)

SMBT 2613 (Research methodology)

SMBT 4263 (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology)

SMBT 2513 (Introduction to Bioprocess Engineering + Laboratory)

SMBT 2233 (Fermentation Technology + Laboratory)

Current Teaching (Postgraduate Courses)

MMBT 1233 (Industrial Technology and Bioreactor Design)

Previous Teaching (Undergraduate Courses)

SQG 1303 (Microbiology)

SQG 1811 (Microbiology Practical)

SQG 1173 (Cellular Biochemistry and Metabolism)

SQG 2531 (Bioprocess Engineering Practical)

SQG 2821 (Genetic Engineering Practical)

SQG 3233 (Fermentation Technology)

SQG 3352 (Industrial Microbiology)