SMBB 3113 Sem1 2016/17 (Phycology)

This course provides an introduction into algae and its application in industry. Topics include the definition of algae, techniques in applied phycology, characteristic seaweed properties on morphology, life history, physiology, genetics and ecology are provided for the further understanding of healthy and continuous utilization of coastal environments and seaweed resources. The evaluation of this course will be based on the test, assignment, presentation and final exam



By the end of the course, students should be able to :


CO No. Course outcomes PO Level Assessment Methods a
1. Describe the definition, morphology, taxonomy and lifecycle of algae. PO2 C2  T, Ft,Ttu
2. Define ecology, adaptation and the role of algae in biogeochemistry. PO C1 T, Ft,Ttu
3. Illustrate the technological application of algae in biotechnology uses. PO3 C3  T, Ft,Ttu
4. Outline the current application of algae in the field of biotechnology. PO2 C4  T, Ft,Ttu
5. Discuss the genome annotation and protein mapping in algae by bioinformatics tools PO1 C2 T, Ft,Ttu
6. Demonstrate the application of algae in various biotechnology fields during oral presentation. PO4 P4, CS1, CS2 A, Pr
7. Apply the entrepreneurship skills into creating business opportunity by the application of algae PO7 KK2, CTPS3 A, Pr

Note :

a T-Test; F- Final Exam; A- Assignment; Pr-presentation; Ttu – Tutorial