Master students

Masters of Science (IT Entrepreneurshiip) – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Online Managerial Game: Fantasy Super Team (FaSTeam), College Marketing Using Web Service
Technology: Collemark, Interactive Al-Quran: IQRA’, Multi-Learning Licence: LeLic, Mobile Game for
Car Racing: Speed Drag, Sign Language Translator for Communication: Alterlanguage, Smart
Business Community: eBisnes, Smart Digital Advertising: Smart Dad, Multi-Player Online Laboratory:
Virtual Lab, Makan On-Line: Cyber Menu, Document Management Systems for ISO: dqMS, Halal Info
Hub: KHALIFAH, Tracing Movement Online Recovery System (Earthquake and Structural Monitoring
System): TREMORS, Online Exclusive Photo Album: iPhoto, Mobile Game: Kirana, Event Planner
Organiser: eVENT