MKMM 2553 VR Programming for Engineers


Introduction, Visual Studio C++ Installation Review of C/C++, C++ Programming
(Assignment 1)
[Lecture 2]

 W2 – W3

Visual Studio: OpenGL Setting Up, OpenGL Programming (2D, animation, user input)
[Lecture 3]

W4 – W5

Understanding Animation: Geometrical Reasoning, Case Studies
[Lecture 4]

W6 – W7

Transformation Matrices (Theory and Application in Modelling, and Scene Graph)
[Lecture 5]
(Assignment 2)

Test 1

 W8 – W9

3D Modelling using OpenGL 3DTransformation (Theory and application for modelling and camera)
[Lecture 7 – 8]

W10 – W11

Light and Material (Theory of rendering and application of light in material assignment), Parametric Curve (Theory and Application in VR)

[Lecture 9]


Connecting OpenGL to cloud database


Research in VR


Major Project Review and submission
Test 2