So today my office conducting a course for all UTMLead staff on having their own website by using WORDPRESS that has already installed on our web server. But the thing is not all of them using or by hard knowing what is WORDPRESS and it’s benefit to them. And to close the gap and bring enlightement on what is WORDPRESS, our IT Manager Dr. Nihra and IT person from Office of Corporate Affairs, UTM shed the light. guys could not believe it the participation! Everyone on the Computer Lab seems to be curious to know and even could’t wait to write their own stories on the website. Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAY!

So, if you think that WORDPRESS are for those tech-savy IT kind of thing, you better think again. It’s not too late for us to learn something new to add value in our self. Perhaps this could be stepping stone for all of UTMLead staff to embark on a digital journey even more serious after this. Who knows right?  

Photos credit to Reez.