Afternoon guys! Assalamualaikum. Hi, I’m back again with another posting in the same episode of Hari Raya 2018 celebration at the office of UTMLead, UTM. So I won’t be posting any images here because there was a video that has been recorded back by one of our Producer, Mohd Gaffar Said who have shown his industrious in preparing the footage to a final output in Youtube. You see one of the best thing about this video is the stability of the footage taken with his Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Could you guys make a guess what kind of gadget that he used besides his smartphone? Any clue? No, you don’t have a clue? Oh come on. I already said it before, look up for the word stability. Yes that’s it!. He’s not using a professional camera to record the footage but only with his smartphone + Gimbal Stabilizer! Wow! I said it again, WOW! This is the most efficient gadget while on the go yet it produce professional stunning looking footage throughout the entire video. And yes you could click on the link above to know the price of the Gimbal Stabilizer. Yeesh!!    I am so in needing of this gadget in our production!

Back in the office of Creative Multimedia Learning Technology unit, we use to record linear video production like classroom shooting from start to finish. And there is also a green screen production in the studio which we used all the time for MOOC video shooting as well as other T&L related video project. But we have gone less with outdoor shooting due to the requirement of the script or no project that we could think  of in order to increase the quality of our end product way better than before. You see, when you have endless of idea that you could throw out in your department and UTM as a whole, not everybody going to like your idea or better yet, they will think of it such a waste of time. This is it! Suddenly you feel depression, anger, low self esteem and anything you could think of in the name of QUALITY, it disappears entirely in the back of your mind. So what would you do in those time? Flip the table? But how? Well, why don’t you go to my personal blog to know what you could do to make things better again. I’m not saying I’m a Motivator or a professional who could give a usable advise, but at least I’m pointing to a direction that may help you step up again (I hope).

Well, as usual my finger speaks better with a keyboard but do enjoy the video that we have recorded and edited for your viewing pleasure. I would like to apologise once again. ENJOY THE VIDEO!

Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger