the month of Shawal approaches to it’s peak finale, the festive celebration continues even more happening everywhere around us. Open Houses here and there, with friends and relatives from afar came to visit us, it’s like a race towards the end of Shawal before Zulkaedah appear a few days from now. And to highlight the celebration even much bigger in numbers of participation, the office of TNCA which is the parent department to my office organised this wonderful event again this year. So basically every department under the administration of TNCA office must bring their own menu to the event as agreed in the meeting before this. And each department should present different menus from one another so that we could taste the variety of food on the event. For example, our office served traditional dishes such as ketupat palas, kuah kacang and serunding. While other department served local Malaysian fruits, satay, authentic kuih melayu and Nasi briyani as the main dish for that day. But there were also other menus as well which I couldn’t remembered due to limited memory I had because of too much food in the stomach which in turn made me feel so sleepy after that.    Note to self: #dontatetoomuch!

Before the ceremony began, as a Muslim we recited together Salawat Nabi as a blessing upon the ceremony with male staff invited to the stage to brighten up the atmosphere of the celebration. Alhamdulillah. Then followed by a group photo session, speech by TNCA and of course the one thing we all waited long enough since 9:30am, the variety of food to fill in our stomach!        . The one thing I couldn’t help but noticed on the variety of food served on the food table on each department was, the small amount quantity of food being served. I’m kind of worried though! Was it going to be enough? I guess I was wrong! Because the main dishes that day was Nasi Briyani. And once you eat Nasi Briyani as a starter, it’s difficult to eat more and more of dishes being served on the table. It means that your stomach already full with no space to bare! Gosh..that was the same classic mistake a guy could think of when he sees small amount of food on the table of each department but never realizes that it was more than enough.    Syukur Alhamdulillah..forgive me for my childish thinking! Hehehe…

The preparation of each department to organize their table in a perfect yet unique display!

UTMLead booth: And there goes our cute little menu with full of decoration here and there waiting to be grabbed by staff members of TNCA’s offices.  

Photography props

Classic Malay ‘tiffin’ brought by Mr Nizam Ahmad. Not for sale!   

My all time favorite Malay delicacies inclsuive of kuih bingka, kuih lapis, kuih koci, kuih cucur badak, kuih bakar, kuih pulut panggang. Yummy!!

And there we are!

Alhamdulillah..although we did not won the beautiful food stall this year but we still managed to prepare our food stall they way we want it to be. Our friends at the office really work hard to get the job done, And they have done the best to UTMLead. Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!!   . Toodle-oo!

Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger