Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you visitors out there. I’m back again with another posting regarding my video production work at the office. So, recently we got an incoming video production job with the Vice Chancellor of UTM as the main subject that day. To my attention, this was the first time we work with the most top managers in UTM which is the VC himself. You know sometimes you feel awkward when working with somebody in the top management of a University, Your behaviour suddenly change, you sweat from your head to toe, your hands were shaking while holding the camera (god I hope the footage not so shaky.) you’re afraid when things didn’t go as planned! But all that thought I had in the back of my mind disappear entirely when I first saw my colleague Halizan Hashim discuss with the VC just like he communicate with all of our clients especially Academic staff who has been the primary clients in our service. Oh wow…that’s a good news! My first impression and has always been when working with top management like CEO, Menteri, or anything that came close with top managerial in a company/organisation is that, they were difficult to work with in any condition. Hey, that’s my personal opinion OKAY? I always think that those who work close with the VC’s like academic staff, administrators, researchers were the ones who communicate directly with him. But what about video production team? We have a director, producer, audio man, prompter guy, videographer, photographer who played their own role and do you think that people like the vice chancellor wants to hear your direction, ok cut, let’s do it again! Weird? Because we’re the one who take orders from him through our bosses right? Yup, that’s what I thought! Anyway, the video shooting session were done in a professional and comfortable situation yet the VC himself knows when to inject witty in his communication. Aghh..the sense of humour from a top manager! I like that! For me, it works perfectly fine with him in front of the lens.  

So if you would like to know more about the strategy and transformation in UTM that has already take effect, please follow this link: UTM Synergy 4.0 to merge faculties. Well, I’m not the type of guy who can give you the talk like a management should talk in a large audience but at least to me, I could somehow understood of what direction the university is navigating on at the moment and hopefully will succeed in the future. Well I remember one thing very clear in my mind on how Tony Fernandes develops Air Asia from a nowhere company to a successful low cost airline today. What he did with Air Asia was simply invest a large amount of money in branding the name Air Asia to the world out there. Be it Manchester United, Formula 1, LA Rangers, you can’t simply go from 200,000 passengers to 30 million passengers without first doing an investment. There you go people, from seringgit (RM 1) with RM40 millons of debt, he transformed Air Asia to a successful low cost airline in the world today. Malaysia Boleh!  

Well enojy the BTS (behind the scene) photos below!

Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger