Hello everybody, we meet again in Part 2 of my video production journey at Tanjung Surat, Kota Tinggi, Johor. I hope you guys stay connected in my blog as I update regularly from time to time because I have lost so much time since January 2019 with valuable content to share with you guys. The past is past I think. Hurm..

So, to tell you the truth, it’s quite difficult for me to sleep that night because of the noise coming from an airplane flying by every 15 minutes from/to Changi Airport which is not too far from our location. I can only comfortably sleep at 2:00am. IMHO, this place is very suitable for an investor/developer who wants to invest in developing a resort or chalet. It’s because Tanjung Surat has rich to offer in terms of flora and fauna surrounded throughout the island especially the variety of mangrove species found here. But when I think back about the noise from the airplane…hurm…I wonder if there is a solution for that unless you are the kind of person so easily fell asleep no matter what kind of incoming noise nears you.

And that’s how we slept close to each other with various SFX called snoring, airing the air on that moment.  

Day 2 on our video production schedule was to shoot the intro part right after we take our breakfast. Why did we shot the intro on the 2nd day at Tanjung Surat? It’s because we have so little time during the 1st day of our arrival on Friday afternoon right after we have perform Friday prayer at Felda Adela. And that’s why we shot the ending part on day 1 first until dawn. All of our production crew enjoy every moment offered at this beautiful location. Although there weren’t many residents here, we found the kindness of them captured our hearts away in an instant. Oh, and before I forgot, there was this cute little moment of us where we have finish part of the shooting and it was time for lunch so all of us went back home to our homestay. While we take off our shirt and put it somewhere the table or a chair, then we sit down for a moment to relieve the situation. After having a smoke, then we get back our shirt and surprisingly it was covered with swarm of ants. Yeesh!! Why on earth so many of them ants having an interest to our bloody shirt? It’s not like our t-shirt covered with sugar or something sweet all over it. But wait! Could it be the sweat produce from our epidermis that attracted them to our tee? OMG, I kept thinking that’s why they climb up to our tee so recklessly.
So this is what happens when your shirt, showered with sweat. The ants will recklessly climb and doing feast all over it.
 Yes, Look at that lovely wooden platform near the mangroves. There are at least 3 or 4 hammocks that could be found here and they were built by the local folks. And one of them was our friendly host, Abang Lan.
At Tanjung Surat, there is no way you could say NO to such delicious local delicacies served in front of you. I’m not a big fan of crab. But when I felt like to taste it, OMG!!! I want more!!! The delightful taste of Belangkas (horseshoe crab) still reminds me of this place when I ate them back at home.
What I do hope from this lovely planned outstation is, to look at this place once again in its original form years from now. You won’t see any place like this in Johor if you’re not experience it for yourself. My advice is go out there and make use of your free time to discover even more of Johorean in you. If we’re failed the pitching session then there won’t be this blog post. If we’re failed to convince the jury, then there won’t be a masterpiece that has been produced. Yes, this is the story of Johor from our perspective. A story so incredible yet complex to tell but has been simplified with strong emotions and full of soul.
We hope of getting there again someday.
Thanks for dropping by to my blog and reading every detail of the word in it. Till we meet again soon.

Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger