Assalamualaikum, and a very good day to all of you wonderful people out there. It seems that the holy month of Ramadan is going to an end with just a few days to go from now and for us Muslims to further continue collecting special rewards on this blessing month. When we talked about Ramadan in Malaysia or anywhere else in the Islamic continent, surely we will remember the word Iftar and where we should enjoy our dishes. Be it in a 5 Star restaurant with its buffet style or at a street cafe with its simplistic menu to choose from. No matter what choices you’ve made, the important thing is to gather friends or family in the big table and dine together harmoniously. And to live up with the tradition, we gathered some of our colleagues for Iftar at a locally famous seafood restaurant in JB.

Throughout my years at UTM as a Producer, I can count using my fingers as to how many times we’re doing an outdoor activity as a group. But there were also times when we outstation together with mostly the video production crew. It’s not like we’re shooting a feature film with many crews behind the scene working together to accomplish one goal towards the end. But yeah, we get the job done anyway. So maybe based on that scenario, I was brave enough to plan a Ramadan Iftar with some of our colleague including our Manager. Though the number were not many, the activity should be carried out accordingly.

Some of our various menus that day. We have Amri in the house as well.   
We ordered two medium-sized fried rice and were finished in an instant!
Look at all those happy faces during and after iftar. All of them love the taste of seafood here at Ong Shun Restaurant. 4.5 Star for me.   
Alhamdulillah, the plan was a success! Thanks to all of you who have shown a strong commitment towards this event. To those who could not join us that night, do not worry maybe we would organize another event as lively as this, or perhaps even more rousing event right? A million thanks to our Manager Dr. Nurbiha for treating us that night. I and Zul were about to handling money to her as per discussed back at the office but our kind-hearted Manager says, the price was still within the range of her budget. Thank you so much Boss!

Jeffri Rahman
Producer | Editor | Blogger