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When we want to communicate our idea visually in the early stage of pre-production with our crew members,  what better way to deliver your idea than to create your own Mood Board. But how many of us really use it as an effective tool in executing your project until the production phase? Well, the best thing about it was you have the freedom to visually express your idea before moving on to the next process of scripting and storyboarding. A Mood Board can be in the form of physical or digital that contains information related to your projects such as color scheme, typography, composition, texture, lighting, style, shapes any images that inspire an idea, and more. By designing your idea into a collage-style layout, you now have the general idea of what the direction of your project going to be in the production process. The easiest way to develop a mood board is of course by searching thousands of images online at google. Next, what you need to do after downloading the images was to create the layout by using Adobe Photoshop for example. Or you can use Adobe Spark for free to plan the layout online which is much easier to use and lots of royalty-free images you can use for your mood board creation.

This is an example of Adobe Spark interface for creation of graphic online at their website
This is an example of Adobe Spark interface for creation of graphic online at their website
I have been using Adobe Spark for quite a long time now mainly for social media graphics and mood board creation. If you are a long-time user of Canva, you will find Adobe Spark similar to each other though it differs in terms of benefits between the two. I chose Adobe Spark for many reasons, especially it’s user-friendly interface and plethora of images that you can choose from.

Once all the images have been selected, Adobe Spark will automatically adjust the layout for you

Another mood board sample from mbjmy2character.wordpress.com

Since it is so easy to use Adobe Spark to create and customize our own mood board, why don’t you try for yourself and see what advantage it has to offer. Sometimes a mood board can be as simple as the eye could see, and sometimes it could be complicated in terms of the layout itself. But don’t worry if you stay focus on your concept you will found that complexity in the layout is just another illusion to your eye. Bear in mind, the simple the better. Moreover, it is not the final process of your entire production workflow. You still have to develop your character, script, storyboard and many more. A mood board is just a tool to begin your ideation to the next level. It gives you direction, the looks,  the feel of what the outcome looks like. So, the next time you want to start a short film project for example, it is good to plan your idea from the beginning with a mood board. Having an excellent idea without first seeing how it’s going to look like in the early process of development is like you’re an expert in the filmmaking who knows the entire production workflow. But when you talk things like that in front of your crew, it will be difficult for them to digest your idea with your poor presentation and communication skills . So that’s why a mood board is important in the first place. See you in my next posting kay!
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