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14 Reasons To Love A Woman Who Reads

1. She’s intelligent.

The more books she reads, the more she knows about the world. Plus, she gives her mind a good workout on a daily basis which helps keep her sharp. Constant reading is also known to improve vocabulary and writing skills.

2. She’s curious.

She is curious about the world and the people and things in it. Women who read will usually have a collection of books on different topics and are eager to learn new things.

3. She serves as a great trivia partner.

As she collects books, she will also collect facts, many of them completely random. A lady full of information is a great trivia partner so make sure to bring her to your favorite bar on their trivia night.

4. She’s low-maintenance.

She is used to snuggling up in bed with a cup of tea and a good book, so she knows how to just chill out and relax.

5. She’s an expert conversationalist.

While many women who read are considered reserved, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have great conversations. Since she knows so much from reading books and magazines, she will probably have plenty of topics to talk about and can find ways to relate to what you are saying. And as she is used to keeping quiet and taking in information, she will probably be a great listener too.

6. She’s more intimate.

Reading in itself is an intimate act. A woman who reads books knows how to give her full attention to what’s in front of her and push away all of the distractions. This skill can carry over to your more intimate moments where she is bound to give you all of her attention and love.

7. She has a great imagination.

It takes a lot of imagination to make a story come alive. As she reads, she is constantly imagining characters, colors, and scenarios. A woman with a strong imagination tends to be a lot more fun and good at coming up with ideas for dates.

8. She’s well-spoken.

Since reading improves vocabulary and helps readers understand the flow of sentences better, reading ladies will be well spoken. She will surely impress your parents and your friends with how intelligent she sounds in everyday conversation.

9. She’s incredibly ambitious.

It takes a bit of ambition to pick up a book and follow through with reading it. She pushes herself to keep reading even when the book gets difficult or has over 200 pages. She wants to learn and grow, usually in more than one aspect of her life.

10. She’s okay with being alone.

She loves being alone with a good book and doesn’t like to be bothered once she is in the reading zone. A woman that can be alone makes a great partner because she won’t be clingy or become co-dependent on you.

11. She’s a critical thinker.

It’s shown that people who read have stronger analytical skills. So, she will be a great person to talk to about tough decisions and life plans.

12. She can be entertained easily.

It won’t take much to entertain her. Women who read can easily spend hours just sitting under a tree with a good book. You won’t have to take her on expensive dates and luxury trips in order to impress her.

13. She’s an amazing listener.

She is used to focusing on her stories, which doesn’t require any talking at all. This will make her a good listener since she takes in information and processes it without responding while she reads her books.

14. She will inspire you to read.

If you aren’t a reader, you will probably be inspired to pick up a book if you are dating her. She will look so happy and inspired while reading that it will make you want to do the same.

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On trust in Allah

Umar (ra) said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) say, ‘If you were to rely on Allah as He should be relied on, He would provide for you as He provides for the birds. They go out early in the morning hungry and return in the evening full.’”

When we hear this hadith, we often connect it very literally to our physical sustenance. So we trust that as long as we work and strive to the best of our abilities, we can rely on Allah (swt) to provide for us.

But it’s also a very beautiful hadith, because it’s a metaphor for how Allah (swt) fills our emptinesses. We are all beings who are empty and void of everything until Allah (swt) provides for us the things that will fill us. Our hearts are empty until He fills them with faith and love. Our minds are limited until He fills them with knowledge and wisdom. Our lives are empty until He fills them with purpose.

So relying on Allah fully isn’t just about our financial wellness, or our ability to put food on the table. It’s about relying on Him to fill our needs – every need we can possibly imagine – the needs of our bodies, our souls, and our hearts.

It’s just as Ibn Al-Qayyim (ra) says:

“In the heart there is an emptiness, that is not filled except by Allah’s love and continuous remembrance of Him and sincerity to Him, and if one were to be given the entire world that emptiness would not ever be filled!”

May the Most Merciful fill whatever voids and emptinesses we encounter in our lives.

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The thought of you

The thought of you
Keep me awakes at night

The thought of you
Makes it difficult to sleep

The thought of you
Sometimes makes me suffocated

The thought of you
Makes me smile subconsciously

The thought of you
Sometimes creates heartache

The thought of you
Makes me want to strive hard

The thought of you
Makes me feel safe

The thought of you
Brings tears even in my sleep

And you know what?

I think of you more than i want to
And it’s harder than i thought.

Book Review 3: Arkitek Jalanan

Book Review 3: Arkitek Jalanan
Author : Teme Abdullah

*** Spoiler ahead ***
*** Read at your own risk ***

This is the second book of #JalananSeries. Kire macam sambungan kepada buku #PelukisJalanan.
Review die ada dekat sini ->

Kalau nak baca lah ??

Okay, this book is basically berkenaan dengan friendship and penunggang agama. Saya perasan Teme ni dia suka tekankan berkenaan dengan penunggang agama. Theme sama dia bawak dalam #Empayar dan #Empayar2 (nanti kite review yang ni kalau rajin ??).

First impression bila dah habis baca ialah I’m so jealous. Jealous dengan relationship between Teme and Ahmad. How i wish i have someone like Teme / Ahmad in my life. Walaupun Teme dh ckp awal2 yg watak yg nampak baik tu tidaklah sebaik itu di alam nyata tp alangkah bestnya kalau ada yg sebaik itu.

They both support each other, time masing2 down. Betulla ada quote yg cakap “there are friends, there are family, there are friends that becomes family – Anonymous”

Btw, tau tak antara scene yg deep ialah when Ahmad tegur Teme. Kau kemain sembang kencang, nasihatkan orang. Tapi bila tiba turn kau, kau cepat koyak. Tegur betapa sombongnya Teme. Bacalah kalau nak tau kenapa dia tegur ??.

Teme discuss issue yang mungkin ramai orang tak berani nak sentuh. Pasal jual air yang dibacakan Quran, pasal orang2 muda yang ceramah agama tanpa ada knowledge yang sepenuhnya, guna dakwah untuk dapatkan duit. These might be sensitive issues to some but still boleh buat kita fikir and relate dengan situasi sekarang. So u all bacalah. Mungkin betul, mungkin salah apa yang Teme cakap. Apa2 pun you have to read to comment.

Rating: 9.2/10 (jgn tanya kenapa 9.2 ??)
Best Quote: “Jika tumpuan kita tu didedikasikan sepenuhnya kepada akhirat, ujian-ujian di dunia ni kita lalui tanpa rasa apa-apa. Duri yang kita pijak tak menghalang kita bergerak. Sejuk yang kita tak tahan, tak membekukan darah semangat. Kita hanya rasa sakit apabila kita berhenti kejar akhirat dan focus kepada struggle di dunia. One day the pain and hardships will make sense to us. Just don’t give up.”

P/s: to be honest, it’s hard to choose best quote dlm buku ni. Banyak sangat best quote ??. Apa2 pun happy reading!!! Next is #MimpiJalanan.




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Don’t give up

Someone told me this:

When you are in doubt,
When you feel like giving up,


Why you choose this path,
All the sleepless nights,
All the stress and restless feelings,
All peoples around you,
Your youth.

Quitting is not even an option.
You have to finish whatever you start.
This is your journey and yours alone.

And that someone will always be close to my heart.