SMART Oleochemical Manufacturing

A flowchart of SMART Oleochemical Manufacturing: Energy Efficient Factory of the Future for LRGS proposal leads by Universiti Malaya, which consists of 10 collaborators from local UA and IPTS divided into four projects lead by UTP, UKM, UM, and UTM.

Learning by Doing

First day of Process Control & Instrumentation class for UTM Chemical Engineering students. Started today’s class with the concept of “Learning by Doing”.

Provided with the real industrial Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) that they never seen it before in the class, students started their learning by doing the P&ID markups using colorful highlighters that basically manually done in industry. Then, during the line markups, students need to identify every single unit operations, instrumentations and pipelines, and discuss it with their team members until everyone is able to interpret all the instrumentation symbols. If none of them able to interpret the symbol correctly, then that symbol becomes their learning item that they need to interpret it with the help of references.

For the first 30 minutes, students were progressing very slow since they have little knowledge or can not recall what they have learnt in their previous classes. When students were allowed to use their smartphones to “google” all the required information, their learning activities became more “aggressive” and they still continue doing their task although the lecturer is going to end the class (saya yang sengaja keluar awal hehehehe) .

As a conclusion, learning by doing with technology is one of the teaching and learning (T&L) methods that will guarantee students active in the engineering classroom. Tak salah kalau kita mencuba.