My 1st drawing using Solidworks

Click CAD Task 1 to start your first drawing using Solidworks.

Engineering Drawing – WorkBook

Learn by practicing. Use this workbook to understand the concept by practically apply engineering knowledge in producing standard Engineering Drawing. Click here to practice.


Engineering Drawing – Solidworks Section Drawing

Learn how to prepare section drawing using Solidworks. Click here to know more.

Engineering Drawing – Solidworks Exploded Drawing

Now we learn how to prepare a exploded drawing using Solidworks. If you get through this, you can understand how by clicking here.

Engineering Drawing – Solidworks Mate Part in Assembly

We know how to create 3D model using Solidworks. If you have created numbers of parts that integrated together. You must create it in a number of different files. So how we assemble it. Lets go here to know how we assemble parts to form a complete full assembly product.

Engineering Drawing – Drawing Tools i know how to sketch. Draw line, circle, arc or even free style sketch in paper. I confident  sketch any shape that a want..draw box. ahh kacang. Draw a Ball..ahhh lagi kacang. I can sketch clearly machine component and dimension it. From the sketch i made, i can use it to form a drawing technically drawn by drawing tools or even can built a model in a computer. So, even the technology right now using computer in everything but don’t forget the method that we use long long time ago. To produce engineering drawing previously, traditionally manually drawn using many tools ie. drawing board, compass etc. May be most of us familiar used this tools may be not. OK..just to remember, go here just to know what kind of equipment used to prepare Engineering drawing professionally.

Engineering Drawing – Dimensioning

OK I got the sketch drawing right now. My sketch shown a shape, projection but how i meet this drawing to standard. Draw it using drawing tools or computer. So i must sketch it with size shown. How i show size of this drawing. Oww…use dimension can made it. Dimension can use to record object size in my sketch drawing. I can show the length, width or any size i want on my sketch drawing. So how i start to dimension on my sketch drawing or my professional drawing..ehmmm. Professional..ohhhw..sure i have to be a professional to present my drawing. Here in the technique. Lets understands and remember.

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