Current Projects


My current research work diverges into two main streams.
On one hand, I am involved in Hartree-Fock plus BCS calculations (HF+BCS) of nuclear properties of odd-mass nuclei. This HF+BCS project (as well as another research work along the HTDA framework) is in collaboration with researchers from CENBG, France. Notable research articles produced thus far are related to fission-barrier heights and band-head energy spectra of odd-mass actinide nuclei. Links to this paper can be found here.

The second field of research is related to the development and applications of a radionuclide dispersion model in the event of a hypothetical accident in a nuclear reactor plant. This research is important especially for our country in view of the possibility that nuclear energy will be considered as an alternative for electricity production in the near future. From this work, our group is looking forward to better understand the consequence of nuclear accident from which such information can be used for nuclear emergency response plan.