PhD students

  1. Yin Rui – Improve Precast Building Work Efficiency Through Building Information Modelling (BIM) (Ph.D – Main supervision)
  2. Modi Sule Zango – Thermal Performance of Vegetated Courtyard of Mid-rise Buildings in Tropical Climate (Ph.D – Main supervision)
  3. Fatemeh Shahsavari – Application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Green Remodelling of Existing Buildings (Ph.D – Main supervision)
  4. Christopher Heng Yii Sern – Horizontal Light Pipes for Deep-Plan Building in Equatorial Region (Ph.D – Main supervision; passed Viva with B1 on 22 May 2017)
  5. Taki Eddine Seghier – Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Building Sustainability Assessment and Rating (Co-supervision)
  6. Markus Bulus –Data Analysis For Climatic Responsive Architectural Design –A Case Study Of Southern Kaduna. (Ph.D. – Co-supervision)
  7. Olutobi Gbenga Ayegbusi – Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV) For Multi-story Non-Residential Building With Double Skin Facade(DSF) In Tropical climates (Ph.D – Co-supervision)
  8. Muhammed Gambo Abdullahi – Daylighting and Heat Gain Reduction by Self-Shaded Buildings (Ph.D – Co-supervision)
  9. Sayed Mohammad Mousavi – Impact of Interior Retrofitting on Daylighting in High-rise Residential Buildings (Co-supervision; passed Viva)
  10. Narciss Karimi – Integrated Photovoltaic Shading Device for High-rise Building in Tropical Climate (Ph.D – Co-supervision; Graduated)