Program Keluarga Ilmu PSAN

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Bioremediation project with MRSM students

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Intake 2014

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BME 2014 Biosciences and Medical Engineering Students Conference

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Industrial Visit 2014

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Bicara Tokoh – Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed

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Program Pengenalan PSAN-FBME

PSAN-FBME committee has organized an “Introduction Program” to the first batch of selected students on 5-6 February 2014.


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Final Year Student: Tree Planting Day..

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International Conference and Workshops on Basic and Applied Sciences 2013

Industrial Training Supervision

I’ve been appointed to supervise some students who are currently undergo their industrial training at Agrowaste Sdn Bhd and FELCRA Berhad. Thanks to Mr Shankar from Agrowaste and Mr Fauzi from FELCRA Berhad who had been the industrial supervisor for the students.


My Visit to FELCRA Berhad, Nilai

My Visit to FELCRA Berhad, Nilai

With students at FELCRA Berhad

With students at FELCRA Berhad

With students working with Agrowaste. Currently having their training in T02, FBME, UTM

With students working with Agrowaste Company. Currently having their training in T02, FBME, UTM.