PhD students

Graduated: PhD. Main Supervisor

  1. Mahdi Torabi (2018): PhD. (Title: Public Housing Self-Selection Through User Satisfaction in the City of Qom, Iran)
  2. Andy Wong (2017): PhD – (Title: Architecture Students’ Preference and Prioritisation of Studio Attributes)
  3. Vahid Moghimi (2016): PhD – (Incorporating User Values into Mass Housing Design Process in Bushehr, Iran)
  4. Abdul Anakobe Isa (2015): PhD – (Title: End-Users’ Personalization Potentials and Factors Towards Effective Housing Occupancy)
  5. Khwla A.M.H. Alaraji (2015): PhD – (Title: Home Adaptation As Perceived by Malay Users)
  6. Mohamad Ghomeshi (2014). (Thesis Title: Different Aesthetic Preferences Between Architects And Non -Architects In Residential Facade Design)
  7. Sayyed Javad Asadpoor Zavei (2014) –PhD (Thesis Title: Housing Needs and Preferences Based in Maslow’s Motivational Theory)
  8. Mohammad Moslemi Haghighi (2014). PhD (Title: The Influence of Architectural Elements on Students’ Seat-Selection in High School Classroom, Shiraz-Iran)
  9. Yendo Afgani (2013). PhD (Title:Atribut Budaya Sebagai Agen Pembentukan Tempat Kayik)
  10. Bako Zachariah Zinas (2012). PhD (Title: Preferences and Choice of Housing Interior Finishes Attributes)

In Progress

  1. Abdullah Saeed Karban: PhD (The Roles of People of Makkah during Hajj Pligrimage and Their Effects on Housing design)
  2. Akinjokun Adesina Adebayo: PhD (Exploring Suitability of Compound House as a Housing Option in Ibadan, Nigeria, Based on the Concept of Attachment)