Facilities management has become a major issue in any organisation as it affects the organisation’s performance. Research on the interrelatedness of the physical and social environments as complex contributors to individual motivation and satisfaction is still relatively limited and certainly was not has been part of ‘mainstream management studies’ (Sapri, Kaka and Finch, 2008). This issue behold also to the school environment. However, there are establishing literatures that the classroom environment effect students’ attendance and academic achievement in school (Leung and Fung, 2005; Lyons, 2001; McGowen, 2007; Earthman, 2002; Stockard & Mayberry, 1992). Uline and Tschannen (2008) confirmed a link between the quality of classroom facilities and student achievement in English and Mathematics subjects in US schools. They concluded that there was a need to invest in replacing and/or renovating inadequate facilities. Hence, to achieve a good quality of students’ attendance and academic achievement, classroom facilities in school should be fit for their purpose and perform well. Therefore, classroom facilities performance should be measured to determine the facilities’ effectiveness. Leung and Fung (2005) stated that school facilities must be periodically evaluated in order to ensure quality student education. Therefore, research is needed to identify the KPIs of classroom facilities for improving students’ attendance and academic achievement. This research will contribute to the understanding of the fundamental issues in measuring facilities performance, particularly in the school setting. Research conducted by Sapri et al. (2008) postulated that identifying performance indicators is a prerequisite in measuring facilities performance. Hence, this research aims to identify the KPIs, their indicators and components in measuring school classroom facilities performance which influence students’ attendance and academic achievement. This research will be use questionnaire survey and interview to investigate student’s opinions on facilities performance criteria. It is anticipated that the research findings avail a set of school classroom facilities KPIs for improving students’ attendance and academic achievement.

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