Principal Investigator

1 PY/2018/02799 Design of Prototype for human respiration carbon dioxide measurement system PRGS-ICC RM20,000 R.J130000.7745.4J320 Active
2 PY/2017/02221 Real time human respiration carbon dioxide measurement device for cardiorespiratory assessment UTMShine RM50,000 Q.J130000.2445.03G80 Active
3 PY/2017/01687 Development on fusion of heart rate variability and salivary cortisol as a measure of stress response based on adverse childhood experience Tier 1 RM50,000 Q.J130000.2545.20H03 Active
4 PY/2017/01132 Investigation on Fusion of Multiple Biomarkers as a Stress Response Index Based on Adverse Childhood Experience FRGS RM82,892 R.J130000.7745.4F943 Active
5 PY/2016/06476 Development of a Prototype Device for Monitoring Fetal Heart Rate to Reduce Stillbirths Tier 1 RM50,000 Q.J130000.2545.14H66 Completed
6 PY/2015/04970 Development of Capacitive Stent for Monitoring in-Stent Artery Blockages Tier 1 RM39,000 Q.J130000.2545.12H92 Completed
7 PY/2014/03827 Fetal Activity Recording using 3-Axis Accelerometer Sensor Tier 1 RM49,400 Q.J130000.2545.11H01 Completed
8 PY/2014/02939 Development of an Embedded System for Portable Monitoring of Asthma Severity PDRU RM65,000 Q.J130000.21A2.01E27 Completed
9 PY/2015/05585 Prototype Development of Human Respiratory Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Measurement Tool for Monitoring Asthmatic Condition PRGS RM87,450 R.J130000.7845.4L669 Completed
10 PY/2013/00444 Automated Intelligent System of Screening Potential Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator ICD Receiver based on Bioengineering Approach for Cardiac Electrophysiologist Flagship RM30,000 Q.J130000.2445.01G24 Completed
11 PY/2011/01901 Design and Simulation of Racquet-Based Sports Equipments Flagship RM595,800 Q.J130000.2436.00G03 Completed
12 PY/2014/02485 Development Of Portable Asthma Severity Monitoring Tool For Home Environment. Tier 1 RM55,000 Q.J130000.2545.07H29 Completed
13 PY/2014/02920 Development of an Embedded System for portable Monitoring of Asthma Severity SF RM 231 500 R.J130000.7945.4S107 Completed
14 PY/2014/03115 A Novel Method to Analyze Instantaneous Properties of Physiological Signal Using Time-Frequency Approach FRGS RM 60,000 R.J130000.7845.4F473 Completed
15 PY/2011/02086 Development Of Decision Support System For Screening Potential Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator (ICD) Receiver Based On Time-Frequency Analysis Of Heart Rate Variability Tier 1 RM199,200 Q.J130000.2545.04H49 Completed
16 PY/2012/00289 Development Of Biophoton Emission Measurement System Using Human Saliva Tier 2 RM 40,000 Q.J130000.2636.05J78 Completed
17 PY/2011/01335 Automatic Detection of Asthmatic Patient Using Digital Processing of Capnogram Tier 1 RM 113,000 Q.J130000.2536.00H92 Completed
18 PY/2009/00308 Instantaneous Frequency Estimation Technique for Multicomponent Biomedical Signal based on Time-Frequency Approach FRGS RM50,000 R.J130000.7836.3F428 Completed
19 PY/2007/00298 New Learning Algorithm Based Hidden Markov Model (HMM) As Stochastic Modelling For Pattern Classification FRGS RM78,000 R.J130000.7823.3F189 Completed
20 PY/2009/00238 Instantaneous Frequency Estimation Technique for Biomedical Signal based on Time-Frequency Approach NAS RM113,000 R.J130000.7736.3P051 Completed